Life Coaching for Young Adults and Adolescents

Do your son or daughter feel:
  • “Stuck” in life?
  • Unclear of their career path?
  • Unhappy with who they are or how they look?
  • Struggling with social skills?
  • Need help achieving your goals?
  • Have ADHD, asperger’s syndrome, high-function autism, depression or anxiety?

For 13 years, Avi Satz, CPC has been coaching  adolescents and young adults to improve their lives, increase their esteems, accomplish their goals and find direction and clarity in their lives.

Over that time, he has worked with high schools, universities, psychologists, psychiatrists, and career counselors.

He is experienced in working with adolescents and young adults who have mental health impairments such as ADHD, asperger’s, syndrome, high-function autism, depression, anxiety and borderline  personality disorders.

Contact Avi Satz, to discuss whether coaching is the right support for your son or daughter.

Young Adult Life Coaching Group

This group is specifically aimed at men and women between 18-30 years old.  Group coaching is a powerful and effective process.  Group coaching utilizes the combined wisdom, support and networking of its members. This creates a dynamic allowing members to better understand their own issues as they build on each other’s perspectives and experiences to arrive at meaningful solutions.

Group members will learn how to address and overcome these issues using mindfulness techniques, core coaching strategies and goal setting; all within a safe and supportive peer-based environment.

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