Private Coaching with Avi Satz, CPC

Private coaching with Avi Satz, founder of Core Coaching Groups and Certified Professional Coach, is available.  Click the options below to learn more about the private coaching services that may suit you, or your loved one.

You may contact Avi Satz directly at (310) 945-7758.


Young Adult Life Coaching

Adolescents and young adults need all the support available to them these days. Avi Satz has 13 years of experience working with adolescents, young adults and their parents.

Individual Life Coaching

'You only have one life to live, it's a precious one. If you're not achieving success (however you choose to define it), then there is a problem that I can help you solve. Working with a life coach can transform your current reality into your dream one. I promise you, it's not impossible and well worth it.'

Business Coaching

'Business coaching is for any professional leader looking to improve bottom line results and increase business development. Whether you are looking to grow your company, improve your business and/or strengthen your leadership team, I can help you achieve your success.'

Recovery Coaching

'Recovery coaching is a comprehensive form of support for individuals in recovery from addictions, alcohol, gambling, sex, or co-dependency. Recovery coaches support their clients by helping them make healthy decisions, develop healthy lifestyles and find ways to stop addiction, reduce harm, and empower their client. Recovery coaches also work closely with members of the client’s treatment team (if applicable).'

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