What are Core Coaching Groups?

Core Coaching Groups (CCG) are a series of group coaching classes designed to teach group members life skills, relevant mindful practices and address the issues preventing members from achieving success and happiness.

What is the group size of a Core Coaching Groups?

Most of our groups are designed for 6-9 members.  Group sizes may vary depending on the curriculum being taught.

Why are the group sizes so small?

Our coaches prefer to keep our group sizes small in order to give the most support to each of our group members.

How long is each Core Coaching Group program?

Most of our programs are either 6 or 12 weeks long.  The group duration is stated in the course description for each of our Core Coaching Groups.  Upon completion of the Core Coaching Group an advanced series may be offered.

What if I can not attend all of the classes in the series?

We urge each and every one of our group members to be on time and show up weekly.  Due to the small group sizes, it is important that everyone attends the Core Coaching Group series weekly.

Is this a form of therapy?  Can it replace my individualized therapy or group therapy?

No, the Core Coaching Groups are not and should not be considered a form of therapy.  Core Coaching Groups are life skills driven and do not provide therapeutic services.  If you or you’re loved one is currently receiving therapeutic services, we encourage that you continue with your treatment plan while attending the Core Coaching Groups.

Are refunds given?

No, Core Coaching Groups does not offer refunds under any circumstances. In certain extenuating circumstances, Core Coaching Groups management may opt to offer a future credit as deemed reasonable, however any such type of credit will be determined on a case by case basis.  Due to small group sizes, once an individual is registered for the Core Coaching Group, his seat is reserved for the full duration of the coaching series.

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