Group Participant Endorsements


“I learned about my negative beliefs that were holding me back in life. I learned tools about how to change these negative beliefs and move past them. I learned about my limiting beliefs inside my intimate relationships. I learned how to move past them and keeping moving forward in healthy relationships that are helping me grow. Over all, I am not the same person that I was when I started the Core Coaching Group. The change that has occurred has helped me make new relationships, friendships, create boundaries with friends, not waste energy, stay clear headed and focused, as well as close on my first deal in real estate which was commercial! Which is HUGE! Many relators said I did amazing for my first year in the business.

Avi Satz is an amazing individual. He inspires me, challenges me and supports me. With the amount of growth and potential I have reached I truly would like to acknowledge that it could not have been done without his help. I attribute a lot if not all my success since we have been working together to his leadership and coaching skills. I have made major strides in real estate such as closing my first commercial deal. I have made new life long friends and I feel amazing about achieving new goals everyday. Thank you Avi from the bottom of my heart!”

Julia Taft

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series + Monday Night Mindfulness



“I had an amazing experience with the Core Coaching Group; in fact, I even miss it and am excited for the next round to begin in January. I learned how mindfulness practices and how to actively implement them in my life, I learned and examined the ways in which I treat myself in a negative fashion, and that I am capable of changing the way I feel, the way that I think, and the direction that I go. It has helped me feel like I have taken my blinders off and now I am aware of so much more that I want to do and want to change.

Avi is great! He speaks with conviction and a background of experience. He is able to keep the groups serious, funny, and exciting. He is totally present for the group and makes time for each individual outside of the meeting time, even if it is just a phone call. It has been a pleasure and I am looking forward to continue working with him.”

Pashka Kartsub

Professional Mentor

Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series + Monday Night Mindfulness



“I learned that goals are more manageable in small chunks (aka 7-10 days versus staring down the barrel of a whole year of change). I also learned that it is possible to meditate twice a day if I just take it a day at a time, and that a meditation practice keeps my heart and mind open enough to make other changes. The most valuable lesson that I learned is that I must be clear on what my vision is for my future otherwise I will stay stagnant in my current circumstances. Setting goals, and attaining them through a daily practice is the foundation of an evolving life.”

“I feel really blessed to have worked with Avi Satz in the Core Coaching Group as it is truly inspiring to see someone thrive at what they do. Avi broke every subject down into simple concepts that were understandable and attainable. He himself is example of change brought about by small daily changes, so it was nice to see that these concepts work. Avi Satz is not only a kind and inspiring person but is extremely dedicated to his work and the groups. It is hard to leave a conversation with Avi and not feel more driven and inspired.”

Samantha Schulz

Project Manager at Onyx

Participant in – Young Adult 12-week series



“It was extremely beneficial for me. I found myself looking forward to attending each week to hear the progress each of the other members made as well as sharing my own. I learned a lot of new mindfulness techniques as well as got a better understanding of my own mind and how often than not, I was my own worst enemy. I would recommend this group to anyone and everyone.”

Derek Free

Graphic Designer

Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series



“I have always considered myself a successful person. I have been able to put together 5 + years of sobriety from drug and alcohol addiction, established myself in a career field I enjoy and held positions with high responsibility and pursued my education to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and continuing to pursue higher credentials. All these things are a big part of my life but I had lost a lot of my purpose and meaning through my seeking to excel that left me with uncared for relationships, self-limiting beliefs and fear. I came into the Core Coaching Group looking for answers to become better connected to others and truly experience the life and moments that held meaning.

With Avi Satz’s guidance and the support of the group I have been able to come to terms with some deep rooted fear that I had held onto for years of my life and face it head on. I gained knowledge and tools to work through emotions and thoughts so quickly that I no longer have to have a bad day if I choose not to. The Group opened my eyes to a lot of truth and I am forever grateful for the experience I have had in the CCG and the guidance from Avi Satz”

Joshua Feldman, CADC

Klean Treatment Centers | Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series + Monday Night Mindfulness



“I enjoyed the sessions. I learned a lot from you and the group. I appreciate how honest and respectful the group was to me. I have made progress and want to thank you for your hospitality and motivation from the group. I will use what I have learned from the group and go on to a brighter future that deals with my increase in self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence.”

Kelly W.

Physical Therapist

Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series + Monday Night Mindfulness



“I had a great experience. I felt like I learned a lot on how to train my brain to become consistent. It helped me realize what is important for me and why I was so unhappy in previous jobs. As a result of CCG, I realized that money was not my motivating factor and that creativity and the inspiration from others is the great motivating factor for me.”

Emily Allers

Happily Unemployed

Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series



“CCG helped me get pumped up about life and excited to tackle things. It made me connect with others and go through something special with people who I wouldn’t normally do that with. I learned a lot about being empowered and it’s a very different approach than what I’m used to, which has been really cool!”

Niki A Gabbay


Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series + Monday Night Mindfulness



“It was a great experience! I learned the tools to push for what I want in life but more than that, I felt a mental change. Before, I had goals in all kinds of directions and I have now been able to look for what I love and pursue it. My thinking is almost entirely devoted to bettering myself and improve my life. Before I was down to settle for what was comfortable. I’m now open to challenge myself and to take risks as a result of the CCG experience.”

Josh Portilla

Case Manager

Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series



“I’ve really enjoyed being in the Core Coaching Group. It definitely had an impact on my life. I love how each group member helps another and you really get to know each other. I learned the things that I need to start doing to better my life.”

Amanda B.


Participant in – Young Adult 12-Week Series + Monday Night Mindfulness


Professional Endorsements


“Some people can inspire you to change, Avi Satz will help you guide you each step along the way. I’ve not only appreciated Avi’s insight and experience in the Penguins Lounge, but have applied it to create new experiences in my life and business. The Penguins’ Lounge is a highlight of my week that I never intend to miss.”

Eno Inwek

Professional Speaker/Jewelry Designer



“Avi Satz was the president of the Funny Bones Toastmaster Club in Culver City. That’s where I met him and I was immediately impressed with his leadership skills. He is empathetic and listens deeply.

I asked him to be my business coach. As a management consultant and entrepreneur for 30 years, I have met a lot of very good coaches and mentors. Avi Satz is outstanding and is very skilled. His approach is practical and focus on results. I am grateful for the results he has produced for me. Avi, helped me with employee management, marketing and lead generation. I have no hesitation and recommending him as the best entrepreneur coach here in Los Angeles. I am currently his clients and look forward to many business success with him on my team.”

Amjad Khan

CEO – Aim Insight



“If you’re looking to achieve success, however you choose to define it, Avi Satz is the instrument to get you there. Avi is the SUCCESS COACH you should work with. He is a master communicator and has a creative perspective when viewing difficult situations. I wish everyone had the opportunity to work with Avi. He is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary commitment to help others.”

Tara Sindler, LMFT, CADC-II, SEP




“I met Avi Satz 6 years ago when I first moved to Los Angeles. Not only can I speak of his upstanding character, but he helped me address my own issues and inspired me to pursue my dreams. Avi actually cares, and he believes in those he works with. When I came to Los Angeles, I was lost and had little direction. Avi helped navigate me to the life I have today. I’m in a career I love, I feel great and my future is wide open. If you’re considering working with Avi Satz as a life or business coach, I can tell you it’s probably going to be one of the best investments in your life.”

Erik Sjolund

Commercial Real Estate Broker



“Working with Avi Satz has been a blessing to me! When he and I started working together, I was mostly appreciative of how he used humor to breathe life into tense conversations and situations. As we continued our work, I began to recognize and appreciate the kind of transformative leader that he is. He puts his all into the work he does and encourages others to envision and ultimately create their ideal lives. He approaches his clients as friends and through active listening, transparency, and humility, seeks to make meaningful connections with those he works with. Working with Avi has been really invigorating and life affirming for me. He encouraged me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible, and to take the time to commit to things that would advance both my personal and professional life. I am embarking on a few major life changes as a result of some of our work together! Thanks, Avi! “

Lauren Broussard

Pepperdine University- Director of Admissions



“From his many years of working and supervising in the substance recovery field, Avi Satz learned valuable proficiencies related to counseling, goal setting and benchmarking and life skills. Avi is passionate about personal transformation and is driven to help others. I have watched Avi persevere through his struggles, and believe those experiences are part of what makes him an effective coach. He’s knowledgeable, kind and loves to contribute to others. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Sheryl Rowling

CPA/PFS – Rowling and Associates



“Avinash is an amazing individual. He inspires me, challenges me and supports me. With the amount of growth and potential I have reached I truly would like to acknowledge that it could not have been done without his help. I attribute a lot if not all my success since we have been working together to his leadership and coaching skills. I have made major strides in real estate such as closing my first commercial deal. I have made new life long friends and I feel amazing about achieving new goals everyday. Thank you Avi from the bottom of my heart!”

Julia Taft

Commercial Real Estate Agent



“I have known Avi for several years now through our Toastmasters chapter in LA. In this time he has gone from just a guy I know to a friend and now to a trusted adviser. Recently he gave me excellent counsel on how to deal with a colleague going through substance-abuse issues AND how to view my own role in this episode. It is that last bit constitutes the real wisdom I gleaned from him. The smarts and experience in his response to me added new depth to the respect I already had for him and his chosen path.

Of course Avi is smart, funny and incredibly resourceful, but it is the wisdom he’s earned (more so than just things he’s learned) that makes him a stand out to me. I will continue to leverage his experience and perspective and I count myself lucky to have Avi in my inner circle of friends and confidants. I would recommend engaging with Avi through coaching without reservation.””

Kevin Harger

ITSM Solution Architect



“I have had the pleasure of knowing Avi Satz for the past 3 years, both as a colleague and a close friend. Whether personally or professionally, Avi gives his 100% to the relationship and the impact he has left on my life is profound. What separates Avi is his dedication and commitment to the betterment of others. Many a times I have gone to Avi for guidance and counsel and have left our conversation with applicable advice and confidence. Anyone looking for a Life Coach or Business Coach — Look no further than Avi Satz!”

Josh Feldman, CADC

Klean Treatment Centers West Hollywood



“Making a significant behavioral change starts with feeling safe enough to enter into a first, difficult conversation with oneself as well as others. Not only have I witnessed Avi make teenagers, young adults and accomplished professional, feel safe enough to enter into their first difficult conversations, but he also embodies the empathy to come honestly, as their true selves, so that the first step on the path to lasting change can be taken.”

David Reynaldo, Founder

College Zoom



“Four years ago when I met Avi I had nothing in my life worth holding on to. My family and friends had completely given up on me and more importantly so had I. It is one thing to deal with someone who needs help getting back on their feet and it is another to convince someone that there is something out there worth getting up for. Avi did that for me. Even though I had given up on life and on myself, he never did. I believe if Avi had not helped me during the hard times and pushed me during the good I would not be here today. I owe everything to Avi.

Today I am 4 years sober.
Today I am a director at an extremely successful restaurant.
Today my family calls me for help instead of the other way around.
Today I have friends that I love and who love me.
Today I can honestly say I love my life. I never thought that was possible because I didn’t even know what it meant.”

Alexander Hawes




“My name is Patrick Stone and I have been working with Avi for the last 7 years. During this time I have had my character flaws identified, emotional barriers picked apart, finances kept in check, and most importantly was given constant support, direction, and encouragement to have the life I live today.

I first met Avi on November 6th, 2008. My life had gone into a downward spiral, where any physical possession was non-existent, overall morale was at an indescribable low, and the few people in my life were basic acquaintance’s which included my family. Due to my attitude and actions, I had pushed everyone that cared about me away. I had an attitude of indifference to this aspect of my life because I did not want to take a look at what I had been doing to cause this. I only wanted to point fingers and write people off as if I was owed and in the right.

I reached out to Avi as a last resort, I had retired all other options. I knew that I was unhappy with the life style I was living and realized that I needed help. Avi had no idea who I was, it started out as a simple phone call, little did I know that this small gesture was going to set me up for the best thing that has happened to me in life to date. I had developed a lot of trust issues but when he said that he would help, without really knowing anything about me it began the first step towards creating a life I could have never imagined.

Through constant communication, disciplinary practices, and writing. I was able to tackle each flawed trait one by one and was provided the tools necessary to keep my bad habits in check, while at the same time break the cycle and develop the character traits required to live a successful life. Both financially and acquiring a rich family and social life.

Putting to use the valuable practices Avi had taught me, I quickly became the leading sales associate within my company and continued to excel and maintain the ambitions for success for 3 years. Avi taught me to never get complacent, to not settle, and always look to grow. I left the previous job as I knew it was not the career path I was looking to move up in. So in 2010 I took a risk and found a job that only started out as a 6 month temporary position…Through Avi’s constant support, open line of communication, and emphasis on perseverance, I was able to work my way up within the company while being passionate and enjoying myself at the same time. It is 2015, and I am with the same company and have been able to move up to management.

All in all the sky is the limit. I am not done growing and it takes constant discipline and the ability to look at my actions on a day-to-day basis. To stay and become the best version of myself is a concept that I would have never been able to grasp without the guidance and direction that was given to me by Avi. I am only where I am in life because I committed to Avi’s direction. I will be forever indebted to this man. He saw the best of me before I ever knew it existed.”

Patrick Stone III

“The Man”



“What is special about Avi Satz’s coaching style is that he is really present and attentive. He gets you. Avi is genuinely interested, insightful and straight with his clients. He’s already made a remarkable contribution to my life by allowing me to discover and connect with my own greatness. You have to go with Avi Satz!”

Mattia Day



“You haven’t been coached until you work with Avi Satz. He’s insightful, hilarious, and inspiring- the perfect combination to deliver life-changing results!”

Brent Joyce

Self Employed-Waterproofing/Construction



“Avi Satz is a modern sage. Yoda goes to him for advice! Seriously, Avi is inspirational. He has this great outlook on life, but at the same time he is realistic about its complexities and challenges. He is grounded, patient and full of real life experience.”

Nathan Rolfes



“People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have Avi Satz as your coach and mentor to guide you through the process.”

Maya S.

Union Organizer


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