What are Core Coaching Groups?

Core Coaching Groups (CCG) are a series of group coaching classes designed to teach group members life skills, relevant mindful practices and address the issues preventing members from achieving success and happiness.

Over the course of each Core Coaching Group series, group members gain self esteem, self awareness, clarity and life skills while developing meaningful relationships within the Core Coaching Group Community.

The Core Coaching Groups Community

When CCG members are not in group, they participate in a private online Facebook Group page facilitated by the CCG group facilitator.  This allows are members to communicate freely with each other.  They share successes, fears, and check in throughout the week with personal updates and discoveries.  Also, they engage with each other socially, share events, organize outings and support one another.

Teens and young adults respond well to their peers.  Socializing with those that share their lifestyle and values, empower our CCG members personally and professionally.

Why are the group sizes so small?

Our coaches prefer to keep our group sizes small in order to give the most support to each of our group members.  Each Core Coaching Group is interactive between members and the group facilitator.  Members learn to engage with other, offer feedback and support.

How long is each Core Coaching Group program?

Most of the Core Coaching Groups programs are either 6 or 12 weeks long.  The group duration is stated in the course description for each of our Core Coaching Groups.  Upon completion of the Core Coaching Group an advanced series may be offered.

Have other questions?

Visit our FAQ’s page or contact us directly by clicking the button below.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Core Coaching Groups or our other life coaching services.

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