Core Coaching Groups for Young Adults


The Core Coaching Group (CCG) process focuses specifically on areas that young adults struggle with.  These struggles often cause young adults to feel “lost”; uncertain of career paths, have social anxieties, image issues and struggles with self-esteem.

Core Coaching Groups are specifically aimed at young adults between 18-32 years old.  Group coaching is a powerful and effective process.  Group coaching utilizes the combined wisdom, support and networking of its members. This creates a dynamic allowing members to better understand their own issues as they build on each other’s perspectives and experiences to arrive at meaningful solutions.

Over the course of this 12 week coaching program, group members will learn how to address and overcome these issues using mindfulness techniques, core coaching strategies and goal setting; all within a safe and supportive peer-based environment.

Core Coaching Groups are limited to a maximum of 9 members.  Register below, new groups are forming.
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    12-week coaching series

    90 minute weekly sessions

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    Group Size

    6-9 members (men and women)

    18-32 years old

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    Added Support

    All coaching materials accessible via private coaching portal online

    Access to private CCG Facebook group page for support and community

    Advanced 12-week program available upon completion

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    $480 full registration ($40.00/wk)

    *Paid in full upon registration


Conquering Procrastination

Over analyzing

Breaking through fear

Finding purpose

Building healthy relationships

Breaking free from old patterns

Developing economic self-sufficiency

Improved health and fitness

Becoming mindful

Overcoming self-defeating thoughts

Core Coaching Groups for Young Adults
Month  #1

Establishing Goals and Creating Space for Personal Development

Group Introduction – 7 Core Values

Define your “why”

Implementing a mindfulness practice

Establishing personal goals

Month #2

Developing Action Plans and Accountability

Developing individualized action plans

Making personal affirmations

Measuring Success

Month #3

Progress Analysis and Continued Development

Evaluating progress

Further goal setting

Celebrating successes

Closing circle

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