Core Coaching Groups for High Functioning Autistic Individuals

People with high functioning autism (HFA) typically want to socialize and have meaningful employment. However some traits common to those with HFA make it difficult for this to occur.

Our life coaching groups for older teens and adults with HFA address skills for independent living. Groups identify barriers that have made mainstreaming difficult and develop goals they wish to achieve. Members work on assignments in-between meetings to address these barriers and goals. Assignment products are discussed in subsequent group meetings. Synergy is created in this way increases individual learning while creating successful social interactions. Life skills work typically includes basic money management, employment skills, and interpersonal communication.

Core Coaching Groups are limited to a maximum of 9 members.  Register below, new groups are forming.
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    12-week coaching series

    90 minute weekly sessions

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    Group Size

    6-9 members

    18-32 years old

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    Added Support

    All coaching materials accessible via private coaching portal online

    Access to private CCG Facebook group page for support and community

    Advanced 12-week program available upon completion

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    $600 full registration ($50.00/wk)

    *Paid in full upon registration


Conquering procrastination

Establishing purpose

Understanding person boundaries

Leadership skills

Starting/ending conversations

Building healthy relationships

Improved health and fitness

Overcoming self-defeating thoughts

Breaking through fear

Month  #1

Establishing Goals and Creating Space for Personal Development

Group Introduction – 7 Core Values

Define your “why”

Implementing a mindfulness practice

Establishing personal goals

Month #2

Developing Action Plans and Accountability

Developing individualized action plans

Making personal affirmations

Boundary training

Communication techniques

Month #3

Progress Analysis and Continued Development

Evaluating progress

Further goal setting

Celebrating successes

Closing circle

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