How does your business serve your clients?
Why should potential clients choose your business?
Where is your business at now?
Where would you like it to be?
What is preventing your business from getting there?
Does your team share your values and your vision?
Imagine how your business could improve with a business coach!

These are basic, logical questions all business owners should ask themselves. Resolving problems revealed in the answers may be more difficult. This is where a business coach can assist you.

Business coaching can help you achieve your business goals, improve leadership skills, and cultivate a stronger community in the work place. Business coaches may take on roles similar to a consultant, but I do more than consult. My role as a business coach is to work with you to identify impediments to your company’s success and then help you devise a plan to help your business succeed- which means more than marketing strategy and data analysis.

Don’t let your business and your employees achieve less than their true potentials. Contact me today for an appointment to improve your business through business coaching.

My Business Coaching

Business coaching is for any professional leader looking to improve bottom line results and increase business development. Whether you are looking to grow your company, improve your business and/or strengthen your leadership team, I can help you achieve your success.

I am an expert in a wide variety of leadership models, developing leadership skills, positive psychology, team building and effective communication. I have worked with small businesses, start-ups, and CEO’s of established companies. I have experience with leadership building, management, marketing strategy and consumer research.

Schedule an appointment and I will work with you to evaluate your business status, your management team’s effectiveness and your business goals.

My business coaching may include:

  • Leadership training and lead management development
  • Improving communication skills
  • Building a healthy culture within the workplace
  • Delegating responsibilities and empowering your team
  • Strategizing new business opportunities
  • Action-based business plans
  • How to navigate through blind spots
  • Developing a successful marketing strategy
  • Web based exposure and campaigns (website, social media, SEO)
  • Working with employee groups allowing them a safe space to identified perceived areas of employee/employer conflicts including communication issues and ideas from their perspective to improve them

Contact AVI SATZ

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact me at (888) 403-CORE or email me. Please allow me 24-48 hours to respond.

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