Consider How Your Environment Inspires & Motivates You

How important is environment when we talk about being inspired and motivated?

It’s easy to blame the absence of confidence in our work on lack of talent, motivation, time or any number of reasons that seem valid. These reasons are not entirely invalid; in fact, some can matter quite a bit. Yet the one we do not often give enough merit to is our environment.

Where were we when we failed or did not make it to where we wanted to be? If we take a good look at it, we can see that the environment where we created our best and worst work had a big impact on that work.

How can environment shape our behavior?

It is only after asking that question that we are able to get a more objective view of just how beneficial or detrimental our environment has been in the past when attributed to our failures and our successes. Others can determine some things about you simply based on where you live or where you choose to spend your time.

Consider the city you live in, the state, the country. All of these things say something different about you, strictly based on where you lay your head at night. This may not even be something you can control. Many are judged based on false pretense, misconception or stereotypes that have to do with where they live.

Consider the environment that is under your control

That being said, there is a lot about your direct environment that you can control and influence. This can be as simple as the difference between deciding to stay at work to finish an assignment versus going home. At home, what room would you work in? What is the lighting like? The smell? Are you hungry or should you eat?

Our direct environment influences our state of mind. It is the baseline for our motivation, our inspiration, and the talent we use. A lot of times it is something we do not consider, though. This can be for a number of reasons, whether we simply have not taken the time to question it or because we rationalize that we have no other choice.

How can we make a better environment for ourselves?

There are a few steps that we can take in order to create a better working environment. The first step is looking at our decision-making process. Making good decisions that take our environment into consideration is how we begin. The example made earlier about deciding where to finish a project is a great place to start. Next time you have a deadline, consider where you make the final strides toward its completion.

The next step requires us to be mindful of these decisions and what benefits or detriments we have seen as a result. Have you noticed an increase in your productivity? Have you seen yourself do better or worse since changing up where you work? Take notice of these things and form good habits as a result.

The final step is similar to the second, but requires you to be mindful of the bad habits, as well as the good. Are you distracted, or working in a place that requires you to divide your attention? These are things that need to be addressed and mindfully considered as we find the best possible environment for ourselves.

What environment has worked best for you from experience?

Do some of these suggestions ring a bell for those of you who have been in your career for a number of years? Perhaps you have found a supportive and beneficial environment that you did not consider originally? This may have taken months or even years to find, and if so, we want to know your process!

Finding the best possible environment can help improve our work and our mindset on many levels. It is our goal to bring these considerations to your attention and help you be more mindful of them. The best possible way to do that is by engaging with our community! Please leave a comment below.

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