A Poem for Workaholics


Meaningless Supreme


I woke early this morning

Stepped out and greeted the Sun.

Her amber smile glowed against my face,

Excited, she gave me a hug.


Little time passed in our conversation

Before we rushed to our routines.

Father Time, with watch in hand

Scolded us to leave!


Daily chores and work required,

Deadlines maneuvered to at haste.

Even through unexpected obstacles (expected)

The Imperfect Perfectionist’s day.


We both continued on

Steadily passing noon.

Her multitasking shine and dazzling

While I accompanied the mood-


That responsibilities must be met

Like a simple summer bee.

Who rides the wind from rose to lily

But never stops to feel the breeze.


Rose to lily, rose to lily

Like the simple summer bee I went.

I never cared to check on Sun,

Ignorant to my self-centeredness.


She had already hurried her warmth elsewhere

Now amends are due anon.

So I greeted the moon, (he nodded back)

Looked down and continued on.


-Avinash Satz

About Avinash Satz, CPC

Avi Satz, CPC, specializes in helping others achieve a fulfilling and impactful life. He has years of experience in personal development and professional leadership. His passion for helping people experience breakthroughs is what founded Core Coaching Groups and the amazing community it has built.