Goal Setting that Works- Lead with Emotion

lead with emotion goal setting

We’ve all attempted to set goals and then not achieved them. I mean, it’s hard to set goals! Where does one even start—let alone work towards something? If you’ve ever struggled with the concept of setting goals, you are not alone. Often times when trying to set goals, we get fed up because we were defeated in the past for one reason or another. Sometimes we attribute not meeting our goals to poor follow-through, lacking a plan, no consistency, bad timing, etc. The list can go on and on. But rather than ruminate over where we went wrong, I propose examining the process and manner in which we set goals in the first place.

As opposed to setting out to achieve an objective or how to get to said objective; what about crafting goals based on the principles of a feeling you want to capture? Creating goals that answer the questions of how do I want to feel, and how can I get there will materialize soulful goals bursting with purpose. And since these goals are a reflection of how you want to feel—working to achieve them will be filled with joy and enthusiasm, making you more likely to achieve your goal.

Lead with emotion

Let your emotions be your guide. Our feelings and emotions are incredible motivators that inspire action. Once you have decided on your goal and the emotion associated with it, start by planning a series of action steps that will help move you closer towards what you want. Since big, massive goals can be overwhelming, don’t get caught up in how scary they are. Before taking on ‘the big one,’ start small. Commit to working actively towards your emotional goal for a short-term period of about 7-10 days. Just about anyone can do anything for a week.  Start small, experience the taste of progress and reward yourself.  Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals before you even know it.  This is how we create big, and lasting changes in our lives.

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