Playa Vista Life Coaching

Playa Vista Life Coaching
Playa Vista Life Coach, Avi Satz, CPC works with men, women and professionals in the Playa Vista area.
Do you feel:
  • “Stuck” in life?
  • Wondering if there has to be more to life than what you’re doing now?
  • Do you need direction and support?
  • Feel lost and like something is missing?
  • Are you unhappy with who you are and your relationships?
  • Struggling to achieving your goals?
  • Are you sick of building someone’s else dream instead of your own?

You only have one life to live and it’s a precious one. Don’t settle for second best or what’s safe and easy. If you feel like you’re not achieving success (however you choose to define it), then there is a problem that I can help you solve. Working with a life coach can transform your current reality into your dream one. I promise you, it’s not impossible and well worth it.

Avi Satz, a Certified Life Coach located in Playa Vista, CA will help you achieve your goals and success, personally, spiritually, and professionally.

As a life coach, my goal is to help you craft and live your dream reality. If you’re not living and feeling the way you’d like to, contact Avi Satz in Play Vista.

Why Work with Me For Life Coaching?

You deserve to feel happy. You deserve to work with someone who can help you grow and prosper while understanding the unique needs of your life, business, and dreams. I attribute my past experiences, successes, and failures to part of what makes me a qualified life coach. Each and every experience has rendered me a student, helping me cultivate my capacity as a life coach.

Check out my testimonials, as they will offer more insight into who I am and how I have helped others living near the Playa Vista area and across greater Los Angeles progress their lives positively.

Who Works With Me?

As a life coach, I have worked with teens, men and women. My clients do not fit one specific niche and they range the gamut from all walks of life. Unlike other life coaches, I do not limit myself to any one group or subgroup. I am confident that my work transcends the need to focus on a specific group. I stand firmly behind my work but also I am honest. If I’m not the best coach for you, I will help you find the one that is. I view Life coaching as an uplifting process that should inspire deep-seated changes for those who are prepared to meet me halfway. Being able to work in tandem in a thriving relationship will help you thrive.

Are You Truly Ready For Life Coaching?

Life coaching isn’t for everyone and an exceptional life coach isn’t cheap, “flakey”, or shallow. A life coach is a pivotal guide who can help you work towards attaining the changes and goals you desire. He/she cannot do it for you. So, if you’re truly ready to make one of the best investments in your life, live in the Playa Vista area, or are ready for lasting changes to improve your life, contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you!

About Avinash Satz, CPC

Avi Satz, CPC, specializes in helping others achieve a fulfilling and impactful life. He has years of experience in personal development and professional leadership. His passion for helping people experience breakthroughs is what founded Core Coaching Groups and the amazing community it has built.

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