Change Your Peer Group to Improve Your Success in Life

Change your peer group to change your life

It has been said that the character of man can be measured by looking at his friends. The people we choose to align ourselves with are direct reflections of ourselves. While our network of friends is something in our lives we create, sometimes this isn’t always beneficial or serving us. Bottom line, I am a big believer in the old adage, “You are the company you keep.”

Friends and significant others should enhance your life; inspire you, support you, set boundaries, and so much more. So in our Core Coaching Groups we focus on cultivating healthy, positive, and inspiring relationships with our friends by carefully examining our close friend network. Start by categorizing and listing your friends based around this question:

Who truly inspires you personally and/or professionally?

Now, as you can imagine, many people discover that the people they consider to be closest to them in life don’t inspire them. Next, I instruct them to go through their phone and social media accounts and take another look at people on the periphery of their life. They create a second list, but this time answer this:

Who would you like to be closer to who also inspires you?

We use this exercise as an opportunity to build new relationships; discover a new community, and in turn find yourself newly inspired by aspiring to surround yourself with others who impact your life positively.

Your peer group is essential. If you are experiencing stagnation, change your peer group, and change your life! Surround yourself with others that challenge you and encourage personal growth. Try it out—I can assure you that changing your friends, can and will change your life for the better. Positive people feed off of one another. Being around positive and uplifting people that you emulate, will help you in turn become more engaged, motivated, and rediscover that fuel to progress forward in life.

If you’re still struggling with enhancing your peer group, I recommend you actively seek out these inspiring individuals.  Try attending some MeetUps with others who share similar passions as you.  Toastmasters is another great resource full of members (many professionals) who are motivated towards both personal and professional growth.  I can’t say enough about my fellow Toastmasters.  Also, attend a seminar or yoga retreat.  Happy hunting guys!

About Avinash Satz, CPC

Avi Satz, CPC, specializes in helping others achieve a fulfilling and impactful life. He has years of experience in personal development and professional leadership. His passion for helping people experience breakthroughs is what founded Core Coaching Groups and the amazing community it has built.

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