Professional Life Coaching

Avi Satz, CPC specializes in helping others transform areas of their life preventing them from achieving wealth and fulfillment.

Drawing on over 12 years working with individuals in the personal development field, he will put you back in touch with the enthusiasm for work and help you achieve fulfillment in life.

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Core Coaching Groups for High Fuctioning Autism (HFA)

Mindfulness/Life Coaching for Young Adults

Join us every Monday evening for meditation and life coaching. Group coaching utilizes the combined wisdom, support and networking of its members.

Group members will learn mindfulness techniques; meditation practices; personal and professional development skills.

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Articles and Pro Tips

Articles and Pro Tips

Read our articles and pro tips that focus on a variety of topics related to personal development, business and success.

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Meet our Team

Meet our coaches and group facilitators. Our coaches are highly trained and certified with years of experience conducting groups and working in the personal development field.

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Read what families, professionals and past group members have to say about the Core Coaching Groups.

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